They are a bunch of jealous boys… Really.

Moms, teenagers and even Grandmothers are being caught under the covers late at night with a booklight reading a novel from the Twilight series. Not only are they reading the entire four book series in record time, but many are reading the entire series for a second, third and even fourth time!

Why the obsession our husbands wonder? The Twilight Saga is a wonderful “getaway” from daily life. The simple story takes many of us back to the days of our own first love. It revisits our romantic ideals and conjures up feelings that many of us moms and grandmothers left behind years ago. In our youth we all dreamed of an Edward or a Jacob to profess their undying devotion and love for us. Most of us never experienced anything remotely close in real life, but we could dream… These kinds of characters we dreamed about exist in the Twilight Saga series and the storyline and details that surround the vampires and wolves is captivating. That is why we are obsessed with the books. We become a part of this “fantastical” imaginary environment and the majority of us can absolutely identify with average, coming-of-age “Bella”.

I am 37, a married woman and mother with two small boys. I run a part-time business out of my home and serve as an officer in the PTA at my son’s elementary school. My plate is full, however, I would always make time for my Twilight fix. My husband accused me of being obsessive with Twilight. I quickly denied it. However, my obsession became more undeniable when my annual “girl trip” destination took a turn and headed for Forks, Washington instead of Las Vegas or even Palm Springs. Regardless, I denied my own obsession until I found myself designing a “fun” website for me and my three girlfriends and our trip to Forks. On we documented our trip and updated the site daily with commentary and photos. Obsessive? Well, maybe little bit.

Less than a month after our return home we started our own business venture. Our various travels to Twilight related venues (yes, another obsession) made us realize that the quality merchandise we were seeking did not exist. So, we created our own website,, and opened up our own store. Here we design and develop affordable high quality items such as sterling silver jewelry, t-shirts and hats that will satisfy the true Twilight fan. We have sold at Twilight Conventions. We have attended Twilight Conventions as fans. We have made many great friends as a result of our Twilight Obsession! We love the girls at,,,,,, the Hillywoods, and the list goes on!